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Working Papers
  • "Railroads, Technology Adoption, and Modern Economic Development: Evidence from Japan" [wp in SSRN] Moriguchi prize awarded paper. (The best paper award among Japanese Economics PhD Students by Institute of Social and Economic Research at Osaka University) 

  • Barriers to Public Pension Program Participation in a Developing Country" (with Tomoaki Tanaka, Yasuyuki Sawada, Khaliun Dovchinsuren) [wp in JICA-RI] (2nd [minor] R&R for Journal of Political Economy Microeconomics)

Working in Progress
  • “On the Schooling Effect of Mosquito Nets”(with Hidehiko Ichimura and Yasuyuki Sawada)

  • "From Samurai to Skyscraper: Lot Fragmentation and Urban Development" (with Kentaro Nakajima and Kensuke Teshima) [wp in the "home" page]


In front of an early steam locomotive @ London Science Museum

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